India’s Influential News Media

Indian press has such a deep influence over the lives of people that the Indians trust their media more than their government in terms of news authenticity. A survey shows that the most preferred medium of news in India is television (about 37 per cent), followed closely by newspapers (at 36 per cent). Then comes radio at 7 per cent and news magazines at 4 per cent. Thus, media training is a must to handle the Indian limelight.

Surprisingly, Indians trust local newspapers, television, and radio more than news websites and blogs. So the pressure is on for Indian reporters to produce engaging news stories every hour.

The Most Prominent Newspapers Of India

In most of the Indian households, the day starts with a morning cup of tea, along with a newspaper. They are an integral part of the lives of Indians.

In a survey of Indian newspapers, the Hindustan Times (, published from Delhi, came up as the largest circulated single edition daily with 1,175,339 copies followed by the Ananda Bazar Patrika, published from Kolkata with 1,130,167 copies. The Times of India, published from New Delhi and printed at New Delhi and Sahibabad came third with 1,102,772 copies. The Times of India, the most read English daily in India (, having eight editions with a combined circulation of 2,771,669 copies, came first among multi-edition dailies.

The Dainik Jagran ( in Hindi having 15 editions, claiming a combined circulation of 2,483,432 copies stood second. Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi) with 16 editions and a combined circulation of 1,901,384 copies, occupied the third position. The Economic Times, Financial Daily ( sells 400,000 copies. The Economic Times is the most preferred daily reaches by the business population.

India’s Most Influential Magazines

Business Standard (, Business World (, and India Today ( have a strong grip over the Indian audience. They touch the lives of the Indian public with their accurate reporting and leave room for the reader’s views on current issues.

The Most Popular TV Shows Of India

Aaj Tak ( currently dominates the Indian media. It is the most preferred and trusted news channel among the Indian audience. Then comes DD TV, followed by Sun TV, Star news, NDTV, AIR, Zee news, and BBC.

The Indian media has captured the interest of Indian audiences by its various TV shows featuring famous personalities from diversified fields, shows on lifestyle, and other entertainment topics, including serious shows airing people’s views, problems, and controversies. Shows like the Big Fight, Seedhi Baat, Special Correspondent, National Reporter, and others have rocked the newsrooms of India. The latest rage is crime shows and those discussing the law and order problems of cities.

A majority of the Indian people trusts the media seeing them as credible news providers, believing that the media brings them closer to the freedom of speech and their own culture. They feel that they can voice their opinions through the media. However, many viewers find a substantial amount of western influence in Indian media.

Indian media has reached the pinnacle of performance and will continue to reach new heights. Hence, it becomes all the more important for you to take media training and develop a healthy relation with the Indian media.

What Apple Could Learn from Microsoft: Front Row Versus Windows Media Center

While the iMac G5’s software interface for multimedia – Front Row – is new to the Mac platform. Windows users have had similar tools – in Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition – for a couple of years now. Is it possible that, as Front Row matures, it could learn a thing or two from Windows?

Feel the music

For music, Front Row gives you a large, text only interface with few options. You can shuffle the playback order of songs and search by several criteria. You can’t create playlists, but you can access playlists you’ve already created in iTunes. And you can’t browse internet radio stations, but you can access stations you’ve bookmarked in iTunes.

Media Center gives you those same navigational and playback tools, and then goes a couple of steps further. It shows album artwork and also provides a search engine that will show results as you enter characters on the remote control. Some Media Center PCs have over-the-air radio tuners, but the software will also let you access internet radio stations.

You can’t browse or buy new songs through Front Row; for that, you must use iTunes. Media Center displays a prominent ‘Buy Music’ button once you start playback, but clicking on it calls up a page of albums and a ‘Not designed for Media Center’ message. In other words, it doesn’t work any better than Front Row.

DVDs on the menu

Because the iMac G5’s remote has only six buttons, the fast-forward and fast-rewind buttons must do double duty as chapter advancing buttons. And you can’t adjust the volume until after you begin playback. DVD playback is pretty simple, but you will find out that the wrong buttons are often pressed.

The remote control supplied with Media Center PCs has dedicated buttons for nearly every DVD function, so it is easy to look at the remote and pick exactly what you want to do. The interface is quite snappy, so you’ll always get confirmation that button presses has registered.

Straight to video

Front Row gives you easy access to movie files and video podcasts stored on your iMac, and to movie trailers stored on Apple’s servers. You can play back TV shows, too, but you have to use iTunes to find and purchase them. Everything playbacks in full-screen window, which makes the 320 240 pixel TV shows look pretty fuzzy.

Media Center lets you play back videos of all sorts on your PC, and lets you burn them to CD or DVD with a couple of clicks. But it also gives you access to tons of online content, including movies from CinemaNow (, pre-recorded television shows from, and news broadcasts from Reuters and other services. One huge irritation with Media Center is that clicking on some buttons calls up ads for paid content.

But when it comes to television, Media Center’s biggest advantage over Apple’s offerings is that you can connect a Media Center PC to a TV, often through high quality component connections. Media Center plays, pauses, and records television programmes; if the PC has a TV-tuner card with two tuners, it simultaneously record two programmes and play back a third.

You can add an external TV tuner and digital video recorder, such as Elgato Systems’ EyeTV, to the iMac G5, but Front Row won’t have anything to do with it.

Currently, you can view over-the-air High-Definition (HD) broadcasts only with Media Center, and then only if the PC’s TV and supports HD. Microsoft recently announced that Media Center PCs with CableCard support will appear by Christmas; those systems should be able to play, pause, and record HDTV programmes, without the need for a set-top cable box.

A Media Center PC particularly outdoes the iMac in one area: it can’t act as a server, distributing content (including time-shifted television) to other devices throughout the house. Those devices include Media Center Extenders and the new Xbox 360, which has built-in wireless networking.

Playing catch-up

When it comes to controlling a multimedia computer, OS X isn’t anywhere near Windows XP Media Center Edition. But Media Center has been around for more than three years; comparing the fledgling Front Row to it is about as fair as comparing a bicycle to a BMW. And Apple’s success with digital audio players – which weren’t new when it began selling them – shows that the company can enter a product category and outdo the competition by offering better features and more style.

Clearly, Mac users are not going to be buying Media Center-equipped PCs anytime soon (and the same is true for Windows users and iMacs). But if Front Row picks up some of the extra features that Media Center has acquired over the years, those users may soon have reason to be very, very happy.

Media Server – 5 Simple Steps to Convert Your Old PC Into a Media Streamer

Yesterday while hanging out in my attic among all the old stuff I come across my old PC. This computer has been laying there for the last for at least a couple years. Thinking of discarding it properly I started searching for articles on disposal on the internet. While searching for couple of minutes I found a site suggesting the idea of converting an old PC into a media server. Having some bucks to spare and some free time on my hands I decided to go for it.

Just What is a Media Server?

First thing first I am sure some of you are wondering like I initially was, just what is a Media Server. A Media Server is a PC system designed to receive and record TV programs, play back video and handle the digital music and photo libraries available in its storage through a Television unit connected to it. The main components are a robust storage system with ample hard drive space and processing power and Random Access Memory sufficient enough to deliver seamless playback of HD content.

1. Check the performance of your old pc:

Analyzing the old PC, I figured out that it has a 2.4 GHz Pentium IV processor with 256 MB of RAM. While checking the minimum specifications I found that it may struggle when trying to play the HD 1080 videos so I decided to go for a RAM upgrade to 1 GB and stick to the same processor in order to save some bucks in case I also needed to upgrade the hard drive.

2. Check storage; examine hard drive capacity and speed:

The storage capacity of the old PC is about 40 GB IDE drive; which is much less as compared to the latest media servers. Generally for a media server you should have a capacity of 500gb to have enough space to hold the equivalent of 100s of DVDs. Speed of the hard drives is also a consideration. Luckily both of these problems can be corrected with a raid hard drive array.

RAID vs Single Hard drive:

The RAID array consists of more than one hard drives embedded as a single unit for high capacity and speed than the single hard drive with an external backup. Depending on how the RAID array is configured you can also configure the array for back up security. This is an added benefit as no data would be lost in the event of a hard drive crash.

3. Think about purchasing a Digital TV tuner Card:

A digital TV tuner card is a basic component of media server used to receive and record video content from the local cable or satellite system to the local hard drive. This card is very useful as it will allow to input TV into your PC and record your favorite shows. With several companies charging fees as high $6 per DVR box per month, the one time cost of a TV tuner card could save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

4. Choosing software for you media server:

Windows XP Media Center Edition is a great choice of software for a media server; having a beautiful graphic interface and easy configuration, it is however a bit expensive. If you are strapped for cash Linux based operating systems might be a good choice as they are totally free and have Myth   TV  software for  media  server purpose; but they can be hard to configure.

5. Connecting Server to the TV:

The last step involved in this project is establishing a connection between the PC and the TV. You now have to make the decision on whether to connect the media server through a wired or wireless connection. Wireless systems can be more convenient and will allow you to access your media server from throughout your house. Furthermore in terms of the placement of the wireless systems the server can be hidden out of view. The drawback to wireless systems is that they can be expensive. If only a single TV unit is present then simply running a wire from the server to the TV may be better both in terms of cost and speed of setup.

Of Course Invest in Real-estate – Simply Get Someone to Help You Manage It

For a long time, you have been dabbling with the trading business. You certainly already have a number of modest shares within your portfolio even though you will not be getting very wealthy, the earnings are thriving. You started this venture just to save for your personal retirement and you with a little luck have actually a lot more years where you can save. Because you are currently more comfortable with buying and selling, you highly realize its a chance to branch out and try out your hand at other kinds of financial investment. Property seems the ideal solution even if you would want to jump in and purchase several properties right away although you really worry about handling everything all on your own. Particularly simply because you have a family, a career along with your several other investments. If you decide to go down this course, you’d probably need some assistance with the property management area.

You will find companies who are able to acquire most the work regarding controlling your property investments off of your shoulders. It is their work so they do it effectively. They’re priceless to the investor because they care for just about all marketing and sales communications with the clientele and ensure you, since the investor are kept completely aware of all the personal financial dealings. Regular cell phone calls and even e-mail messages will certainly inform you that this commercial property management of your savings are taken care of correctly. Which is among the gorgeous aspects of trading – you are making the actual smart choices and sit back and enjoy the advantages.

Head out South of the Bahamas to Find the World’s Finest Investment Real Estate

If you go a bit south regarding the particular Bahamas, you will find the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands which can be composed of two families of tropical islands: the Caicos Islands, which are actually the larger, and the Turks, that are smaller. These types of islands currently are a territory involving Great Britain, and are generally recognized for their attractive beaches, which have been continually scored as belonging to those known as essentially the most beautiful in the world. The beautiful islands are actually additionally preferred as a great overseas centre for monetary affairs. In around the past ten years, these islands came to be known as one of the most sought after of locations regarding deep-sea diving, and even as an area to get to have a holiday in extraordinary luxury. The Turks and Caicos Real Estate truly does a lively business with exquisitely fitted vacation residences available for both purchase or to rent.

The Real Estate Turks and Caicos is likewise highly appealing as being a sort of investment home. Just like pretty much all homes which can be acquired outside of the goal of residing in them, they have the lovely capability to pay for themselves, partly if not completely, via his or her leasing fees. There is no need to stay in these islands all the time in order to benefit from this sort of set up, for generally there are several agencies which are pleased to take care of your house for you. They are full service organizations which will manage the particular advertising, reserving, collection involving money, maid service, supply associated with linens, maintenance if required, grounds manicuring plus much more. These people keep a portion of the actual lease money, and simply deliver your share every month along with a whole accounting. You simply pay the home loan.

It is actually natural that a person paying for Turks and Caicos Island Real Estate ( for the first time could possibly be inclined to consider that the “best” or simply “soundest” package might be the littlest or cheapest residence, but this isn’t the case. Though it would seem logical that within a financial economic downturn, that people might save cash, what will happen is that, instead, they gather utilizing their family and friends and choose to splurge, instead, looking for the best, essentially the most properly appointed plus the most magnificent from all the prime properties, instead. Remember this whenever you think about offered residences.

Social Websites Can Be the Best Type of Marketing and Advertising for Your Business

Many people across the world wake, turn on their computers, and check out their own social media accounts. There are hardly any people who lack some a connection with social media – specifically facebook. It is quite a arena of its own and certainly a place to search when thinking about an advertising strategy. You can switch on a radio, observe a commercial or read a magazine that an ad does not direct a person to a Facebook page. Should you be on the internet, all you want do is to select the image to become sent straight to a specific page. It really is genius.

The average user adores his or her media outlets. When one visits a Facebook page they think they may be seeing the real deal. The very approach it really is put together is definitely pertaining to typical persons to get the total picture. In the event that remarks are left by normal people, they may be relied on more. An advertising strategy built to get the interest of the online must look into Facebook first. It is really an trustworthy method to symbolize an item. Just isn’t possible to hide. If there ought to be a poor opinion left, then it can be readily tackled by an individual with the answers. One thing to remember using this kind of marketing, though, that is certainly to keep it updated. It is a turn off for people to go to an online site or even to a Facebook page and find out out-of-date information. Therefore it behooves marketers to help keep it updated and continue to keep it real. Your customers will probably truly appreciate it.

Social Networks Can Be the Finest Type of Marketing for Your Business

Individuals all over the world get up, start their computer systems, and check their social media accounts. There are not many individuals who lack some contact with social media – in particular facebook. It is quite a whole world of its own and certainly a location to search when contemplating an advertising marketing campaign. You can actually switch on a radio, watch a commercial or read a magazine that an ad does not direct people to a Facebook page. If you are on the web, all you want do is always to click the button to end up being rerouted to a particular page. It is brilliance.

The general public enjoys his / her media outlets. When one visits a Facebook page they are they are experiencing the real deal. The very technique it is set up is regarding regular persons to obtain the total picture. In the event that comments are left by ordinary persons, they are relied on more. A marketing campaign made to receive the interest of people online should be thinking about Facebook first. It is really an sincere way to stand for a product or service. It’s impossible to hide. If there ought to be an adverse comment left, then it could be readily resolved by a person with the responses. One thing to take into account using this type of marketing and advertising, though, and that is to keep it current. It’s very a turn off for customers to go to a website or extending its love to a Facebook page and see out-of-date information. Thus it behooves promoters and keep it updated and preserve it legitimate. Your clients will certainly take pleasure in it.

Buy a Flat Screen Television Stand

It’s no secret that technology has been evolving at an alarming rate and that makes flat screen televisions more available at discount prices. Therefore as prices of televisions come down the market for flat screen TV stands goes up. The sized of flat screens as of late keep getting bigger and that requires a television stand that can accommodate such a large TV. Another factor to consider is how much storage they can house in you entertainment center. if you are like me you have a rapidly growing collection of media including DVD, CD and gaming products. This has to be a main requirement for buying, Media storage.

Since the onslaught of Blu-ray and DVD movies, we as consumers have to find a way to store all of this equipment preferably in the same place we house our television, TV Stands! So the thing to do is find the right flat screen television stand that will not only hold my   TV  and  media  collection but also my gaming devices, Blu-ray player and audio players for my speakers. To accommodate all of this I need storage shelves, drawers and perhaps a media storage cabinet to handle and incorporate it all.

One of the best ways to go about finding the right TV stand is by going to your local HH gregg or Best Buy to see what they stock and if it will fit your budget and home decor. You want to somewhat match your Television stand with your flat panel TV. They come in all sorts of wood finishes or if you prefer a more contemporary look you can go with metal or glass. Be sure to check reviews and prices to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. I always check online to see if I can get a better deal and most of the time I can. Places like eBay and Amazon always have a great selection.

Tips to Selling Industrial Property Quickly

Dark, uninspiring colors may truly reduce the notion of any space. Older, stained coloring can make suites look sickening. By painting like a pro with modern day colors along with ideally using a tiny insight through a educated agent or maybe interior developer, you could change typically the whole experience of your own personal MN commercial real estate for lease. Right now there is not necessarily another business improvement which will offer you a lot more bang intended for your money than any fresh overcoat of color. From the reselling viewpoint it is usually essential to be able to stick together with neutral colors. Remember offering your house is not really about personalized choices nevertheless appealing in order to the people. Stick together with off whitened and lighting creamy shades for optimum advantage. Many paints presents a few superb interior property painting ideas that are usually worth some sort of look.

If an individual are seeing a pattern here, honestly, that is because generally there is one particular. Working together with a specialized to market JGM Properties commercial real estate has some sort of ton regarding advantages, along with takes the lot regarding the weighty lifting off of of your own shoulders. A skilled real estate agent can usually sell your own personal commercial real estate for rent more quickly, and intended for a much better price, as compared to you can easily on your own own. This particular in reality is 1 of the actual most significant suggestions with regard to selling some sort of enterprise. Merely make positive you employ the appropriate real estate agent!

Just before a Realtor even commences their function of offering Minnesota commercial real estate they could be some sort of great resource of information in prices your residence correctly. With no the proper price every little thing else an individual do will certainly be useless! A good exceptional community broker who also knows the actual market just like the backside of their own hand is actually worth possessing in your own personal corner. Right here are a few great suggestions on just how to decide on a real estate agent worth checking out out. Typically the article tackles what anyone should end up being thinking with regards to when employing a broker, including significant interview inquiries. Keep inside mind in which pricing some sort of home appropriately is essential to your own personal success and also some Realtors will purposefully mislead a person just for you to get your current business. Stay away from this variety of real estate agent at most costs! Generally there is absolutely nothing that will certainly prevent anyone from acquiring top money faster when compared with hiring any real real estate agent who have overprices your current business!

Television and Children – How TV Affects Your Child

There is an ongoing debate about the effects of television on children. Some believe that TV has a lot to offer. It can educate, stimulate and entertain. If parents are discerning about what their child watches and how much they watch, there is nothing too harmful about TV. On the other hand, some experts say that any children under two should not watch any television. They feel that it hinders a child’s growth and development in many ways.

So before you sit your kids down in front of your huge plasma TV, have a think about what they are watching and how long they are watching.To get a look at both sides of the debate, lets break this discussion down in to the positive and negative effects of television on young viewers.


  • Children can learn about numbers, letters, colours and shapes by watching quality educational programmes.

  • Children can learn about social interaction and manners on good quality dramatic and educational programmes.
  • For many parents of young children, a day at home is many hours to fill. Sometimes a familiar or appropriate movie or programme can provide a relaxing moment both child and parent.
  • Children enjoy the familiarity of a movie or show they have watched many times as much as they love to read the same book again and again.
  • Many movies and shows have a moral tale, and this can sometimes provide a helpful way for parents to introduce moral themes and ideas into their children’s lives.
  • Quite often a movie or show can provide the inspiration for games and creative play away from the TV. A child might enjoy re-enacting a favourite scene or character from a movie and carry on with this scene in their playtime.
  • TV and media is a way of life in this day and age. Children can benefit from being conditioned and familiarised with media concepts. It will help them participate in social and cultural events and discussions in their developing social and educational lives.


  • Children under two can be negatively affected by television. It can stunt their social and mental development.

  • Too many hours in front of a TV can prevent children from interacting with their family and siblings.
  • Too much TV can become a problem for some children who engage in less physical activity because they prefer to watch TV.
  • Too much exposure to TV and screen media can make a child’s mind lazy in terms of using their imagination and brainpower in other areas of their lives.
  • When children watch TV they are being exposed to advertising. A lot of advertising is aimed specifically at young children. Ads target young ones and condition them to become loyal brand consumers as adults. Exposure to some ads could encourage poor eating habits and food choices.
  • Injudicious TV watching can expose children to bad habits such as smoking and drinking. It can expose them to violence and create a mindset of fear and aggression.
  • Watching TV can also instil in your children social stereotypes of race, gender and class.

With so many reasons for and against TV watching, it seems that the decision is best left up to the parent. A parent knows their own child and how best to manage their TV watching habits. Undoubtedly a discerning and vigilant attitude is essential when exposing young children to TV, so think twice before you sit you child in front of your beloved flat screen, HD TV.