Pros of Being a Lifeguard

Hoping for a summer job where you are genuinely treated with respect and you do not have to flip burgers or face angry people? In this case, think about being a lifeguard. Below are a few great reasons why lifeguarding stands out as the optimal summer position for young adults.

Reason 1: A Sun-drenched Job Surrounding

Having to end up working in a grimy kitchen or behind a cash register does not appear remotely as interesting as relaxing at the seaside or swimming pool. Lifeguards honestly have one of the greatest work environments around. At what other job might you earn money to improve your tan? And in the event that the sun gets to be too hot, you can jump in the water to cool down.

Reason 2: Establish Useful Competencies

Working as a lifeguard, you’ll pick up vital life-long skills that help make you an ideal candidate for some other positions also. Seeing as lifeguards could potentially have to help save someone’s life, they’re properly trained in life-saving skills including CPR, first-aid, and water-based rescues. A number of of these skills translate directly to various other high-paying positions, like EMTs.

Reason 3: Lifeguards are Leaders

In contrast to many other seasonal employment that are task-centered, lifeguarding involves a much higher degree of leadership and independence. Being employed as a lifeguard, you are in charge of a stretch of water, and you are responsible for the people who swim there. This type of responsibility, by its nature, generates great leaders.

Reason 4: Enhanced Salary

Even though you are not going to get your first million as a lifeguard, it will tend to pay better than most of the summer jobs available to teens. Earning more than minimum wage is a fine reward for teen workers. The sum you earn would depend on the location of your job — community swimming pools and theme parks often pay the lowest. Country clubs and private pools usually give increased wages.

If you can get open-water certification, you are going to find that you have many more options for work, primarily at a higher wage. Lifeguards who have this additional certification can work at State Parks, and beaches along the ocean and lakes.

Money isn’t everything, but there’s no doubt that earning more is better. If you can pursue the open-water certification and live close to a lake or ocean (that’s hiring lifeguards), you’ll earn much more than your peers at other jobs.

Reason 5: Find New Buddies

There aren’t too many other jobs where you can see and hang out with your friends on your break or between shifts. Plus, you’ll be able to hang out at the pool before or after work — you work at the place where everyone wants to be during their time off. Lifeguarding offers the best social interaction of summer jobs.

By being a lifeguard you’ll have a really good possibility to find new life-long mates.

Online Work For 16 Year Olds – How 16 Year Olds Can Make Money Online

Are you currently a 16 year old who’s looking for a job? Maybe you are having a hard time finding a job because of your lack of work experience – or maybe you just want to work from home in your spare time because life of a 16 year + extra curricular activities are too busy.

You can start today, as there is tons of opportunities for teenagers on the internet. The question is – how do you make money online?

That’s a simple question – you can make money through online paid surveys. That’s right – you can get paid simply by filling out little opinions given to you by third party sites – that means these websites have secure connections with the big companies – it’s the companies that are paying you.

You will get 3$-10$ for every single survey that you take, but the thing is – you can make much more as a survey only takes up about 5-15 minutes of your time. Think about it, you can make 40$ in one hour!

That’s not even the best of it.

There are these surveys in which companies ask you to fill out a survey, try out a video game, a product, or something, then you have to do a little discussion about it + a survey. Well the thing is, people have made 100$ on these surveys alone. Why not start today?

o There is no job interview necessary

o You do not have to be above the age of 18

o You can make as much money as anybody else

o You work based around your own schedule – when it comes to surveys, you are the boss

o You can get paid a little faster than a week

So start today, and reap the amazing benefits of paid online surveys!

Fun Summer Jobs For Teenagers – Working Online

It’s almost summer and this may start teenagers to think about summer   job  plans. There are plenty of  jobs  available in malls and restaurants but they are not known as being the most exciting  jobs . Now this will help you think outside of the shopping mall and look at ideas for fun summer  jobs  for teenagers and the  best  way to have fun is to make your hobby a source of money.


Do you love to draw? Maybe your drawings help other people. You can design logos, posters, packages, t-shirts and mugs. Another option is to work as a book illustrator in some comic book company. The  job  can also be extended to produce audio and video productions.

Data Entry

The trend of outsourcing data entry, especially offshore, has accelerated dramatically in recent  years . Outsourcing data entry work is a wise and profitable option for those who would like to concentrate on core processes and leave data entry work to a reliable service provider who specializes in the field of data entry. With a number of information systems requiring a constant stream of data, data entry doesn’t necessarily have to take place in an office or workplace. Many people work out of their homes entering data, transcribing medical information, or updating websites – especially websites that offer merchandise.


Blogging can be a fun summer job for teenagers. The personal blog is a type of blog that is an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual and is the traditional, most common blog. High school students may want to post their journal online and earn from it. It is a way to communicate and a way to reflect on life or works of art. Some sites allow bloggers to share thoughts and feelings instantly with others, and are much faster than emailing or writing. Just by writing blogs, you can earn money through advertising, affiliate programs, business blog writing, and more.

Teen Summer Jobs – Get Started Now!

Look for a summer job now? Yes! Plenty of employers are ramping up their hiring now so they can make sure they have their spots filled by the time school gets out. Use that to your advantage!

But…it’s only April!

I know it seems like spring has hardly sprung, but the calendar says it’s only a few short months until summer activities are in full swing. And employers for amusement parks, summer camps and garden centers are gearing up for their busiest seasons.

To make sure they get qualified staff and have time to train, they are starting the recruiting process now. But don’t let that scare you. Instead, use it to your advantage and do a summer job search now.

Here’s how:

  • Comb the classified ads in your area. I’ve seen multiple ads for lawn and garden centers over the past several weeks.
  • Check out the seasonal employers that are in your area. This might be an amusement or water park. It could also be the local YMCA (which will need summer camp counselors) or landscaping businesses.
  • Check out the web. While this is not your   best  bet for local  jobs  if you live in a smaller city, it might give you some ideas. It can also be  good  for finding summer camps that are hiring if that fits your interest.

You may find that the  job  that you really want is not hiring yet. That’s OK. Get the details on when they will be accepting applications and mark it on your calendar. Then be sure to follow up and apply when the timing is right.

Even if you are working for yourself…

Making your plan for a summer  job  now is also important if you are going to be working for yourself. Lots of people are starting to make plans for their summer schedule now. Planning your schedule as well can help ensure that you are on their lists.

This is especially true if you are going to be painting houses or providing any type of child care. When we had our house painted last  year , we called in March to be sure we got on the schedule for a summer  job . And, I just got handed the sign up for summer school and day camp when I dropped my kids off at school today.

Even if I wasn’t thinking about either of those things, I am now. And looking for qualified, energetic people to provide me with the services I will be needing. Make sure your name is out there for your potential customers!

Top Jobs For Teens Under 16

Just when everybody thinks that 16  year   old  teens and below should only be studying in schools and should forget trying to get a  job  as this may ruin their studies, in comes the opportunity anybody could not afford to miss out on.  Jobs  for kids under 16 are definitely not easy to find. Unless it is a simple errand here and there that will only give the teen a few dollars to spend. Top  jobs  for these teens under 16 aside from the usual errands such as cleaning the garden removing leaves from the poll, walking the dog and mowing the lawn would be working in a fast food chain, in an arcade, a grocery or a department store. The later however would require a working permit for the kid to be able to legally work. This only limits the possibilities for these teens to get a  good  paying part time  job .

About the opportunity nobody wants to miss out mentioned above, it involves the online money making opportunities that are becoming quite popular to many people, young and adults alike. This is the paid surveys being offered by many big corporations that are interested to get people’s feedback on the performance of their products. They will pay you for every survey you take in their website.

Today, there are a lot of these paid surveys in the internet and all a sixteen  year   old  and below has to do is register in as many website as he can and regularly fill out the questionnaires and surveys they are offering and he will already earn a regular pay that will be sent to him through a check if he does not have a bank account as of yet. These companies pay $5 to $75 for the surveys. Some give gift certificates, free products and other freebies.

Jobs For Teenagers – Top 10 Jobs For Students and Teens

Are you a teen looking for a great part time job? Collect a regular paycheck with one of these top 10 jobs for teenagers.

1. Office Jobs

Jobs in an office call for good organizational skills. One good example is a doctors office, where you might greet patients, handle their medical records and collect payments. Another example would be working at a law office or accounting firm. Here you will develop computer skills and may learn about handling credit card transactions. This is a great after school job for teens.

2. Restaurants

Restaurant jobs can include waiting or busing tables, working in a fast food window or delivering orders. You can make a good amount of money in cash tips working these kinds of jobs. Casual family restaurants are the best bet, and there are many big chains that regularly hire teenagers. One great benefit to these jobs is they often give you an employee discount. Some may even let you eat for free!

3. Superstore Jobs

Major retailers that sell home improvement supplies or bed and bath items can be a great part time job for teens. These big stores sometimes offer great benefits. If you have any special knowledge or skills, these can lead you in the right direction. Do you enjoy working on projects around the house? Maybe you like to decorate or paint. Superstores can provide teens with the flexibility to work and also go to school.

4. Movie Theaters

If you love going to the movies, what better job that working at your local movie theater? Movie theaters are usually owned by big corporations, and can offer great pay and other benefits. You may get an employee discount and will surely be the first to see the hottest movies! If you have ever thought about getting into the film business, this job will provide you with knowledge of how the businesses run that actually bring in the movie profits.

5. Art & Framing Stores

Art stores and framing jobs can involve helping people select frames for their artwork, or actually creating the finished product. While it may seem simple, there is much thought that goes into framing a valuable piece of art or photograph. You will gain knowledge in the what materials are used and what style of presentation is appropriate for pieces of art. Art supply stores can also be fun and you’ll become an expert on the tools of the trade. If you are considering an art career, learning about different paints, brushes and arts and supplies is good experience. 

6. Shipping & Delivery

Major delivery companies are always looking for part time help. You will find jobs for package handlers as well as delivery assistants. Teens can earn great pay doing these jobs and work flexible hours. The top companies often provide great benefits to their employees. This is a great way to get into the hugely profitable business of shipping. Many top executives at major corporations worked their way up from entry level jobs like these.

7. Customer Service

Many cell phone providers and superstores often need customer service reps. Learning how to deal with people can be useful later on, no matter what career path you choose. It also may lead to a job in sales, where you can earn big commissions for the products you sell. Becoming a customer service rep can be the first step towards management at a big company.

8. Auto Service

Are you handy with cars, trucks, boats or motorcycles? Auto shops and oil change service centers often will hire new employees with no experience. Learn how to work on cars and be a mechanics assistant. Later, you may decide to become a certified  mechanic and work for a major auto manufacturer or car dealerships service department. Mechanics at luxury car dealerships can go on to become service advisers and make six figures helping customers with their cars.

9. Stock Person Jobs

Good at organizing things? Copy shops, clothing stores and many other retail employers need to keep their inventory together. If you are in good shape and want to get into retail or other service related industries, get your foot in the door with one of these jobs. You can learn about the mechanics of how a business works, and how products actually reach the consumer. This is the perfect after school job for teenagers. 

10. Cashier Positions

Being a cashier you can develop valuable skills with retail computer systems and helping customers. Cashiers can help teens develop good  personal finance skills by learning how to handle money. One good example is working at a drug store or local coffee shop. If you find a job for a big company, they may even offer formal training which you can use in your next job. This valuable experience can  make landing your next job easier.

Jobs For 14-Year-Olds – 10 Unique Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

Here are 10 jobs for 14 year olds to make some extra money in their spare time:

1) Wash Windows

A bucket of warm water with a little vinegar in it and a squeegee is all it takes to make money washing windows.

Who has the time any more to wash windows? I know I don’t!

That’s why I happily pay my teens to do the dirty work!

You can charge by the window, for example $5 dollars per window, or by the hour. The money adds up quickly. Try putting up a local flyer in the grocery store, library, etc.

2) Clean Out the Attic or Basement

Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can accumulate? Most homes are stuffed to the roof tops with junk!

Teens can haul in the cash by cleaning out other people’s junk. And some of it can be recycled for even more cash.

Remember, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind!

3) Mow the Lawn or shovel the drive-way

This may seem obvious – but I’m always AMAZED at how many dads I see mowing their lawns… or shoveling the sidewalk – instead of Johnny Junior!

Besides being great exercise, mowing the lawn or shoveling the walk is good money and good exercise for an ambitious 14 year old.

4) Odd Painting Jobs

Got walls? This is WELL worth paying for!

Many homeowners have a room in their house they’d like to spruce up with a fresh coat of paint. But they don’t have the time or huge outlay of cash to pay a professional painter. But they can afford to pay a teen $50 to $75 dollars for a good job.

And if you’re willing to paint ceilings, you can make even more. Just make sure you have plenty of drop cloths to cover the floor in case of drips.

5) Pool Guy

If you have a pool or jacuzzi, you KNOW that it takes WORK to keep it clean. You can set up weekly or monthly pool cleanings with neighbors. Target a neighborhood with 3 to 4 pools so you can save time and gas by doing at the same time.

6) Brush Clearing

My mother-in-law is always on the look out for strong, reliable teens who want to earn extra money clearing away brush and debris.

Matthew, my 12 year old, just made $20 bucks for a few hours work!

7) Garden Tilling

Every spring and fall, I hire my son Tony to till the vegetable garden. It’s an easy way to earn extra money at home or even around the neighborhood.

8) Bookkeeping

This is not only a great way to earn extra money, but an invaluable and useful skill to learn. That is – if you’re feeling brave with the bills!

9) Landscaping projects or Plant Doctor

Do you have sort of a green thumb? Are you reliable?

Both business owners and home owners need someone to water their indoor plants regularly or when they go on vacation. This is an easy, fun way to make some extra cash.

Or if you have a strong back, you could break out the shovels and beautify yards with a tea rose garden, raised flower bed, or small gold fish pond!

10) Artist

Do you have an artistic or talented teen? Encourage her to advertise her talents and draw, photograph, or sketch portraits to earn extra money at home.

I know of an 18 year old girl who colors horse portraits for extra cash.

Or you could make you own design and sell t-shirts, mugs, etc. on CafePress.

There are many jobs for 14 year olds to make money – you just have to be willing and motivated. And do a little brainstorming!

Jobs That Pay $100,000 a Year

There are several  jobs  that pay $100,000 a  year  and your  best  bet would be to check them out right away online. You will be surprised that there are so many unusual and non conventional  jobs  in this category that making 100K a  year  is not at all difficult.  Jobs  in this category are specific and your  best  way to search them is to look for  jobs  that pay the salary per  year .

Lawyer or mining consultant

If you are armed with a law degree, you can work for law firm. Many fresh lawyers are making 100K each  year  and the growth prospects are mind boggling. If you can show your expertise and skills as well as snip through tedious legal problems and cases, you could be in the reckoning for much more salary payment. A career with a law firm can ensure large salaries and many law graduates are on their way in 100K  jobs .

As a mining consultant, you would be on the forefront of earning salaries of $100,000 or even more. The  job  is laden with inherent risks, but that is also exactly the reason why mining companies pay you so much money. Many mining graduates are earning in that scale as there are  jobs  that pay $100,000 a  year  in mining. And in the mining industry, there are several opportunities that you can check out depending on your expertise and qualifications.

Careers that pay $100,000 a year are great and not hard to come by these days if you are not averse to taking up unusual employment. Did you know that many truck drivers are earning 100K each year just by driving trucks?

The more miles you clock, the more you can earn and the truck companies are known to pay more to drivers who have been there for some time. Experience can always enhance your payment and if you opt for long routes, there is always a chance of making good money that can even exceed $100,000 each year.

Web work and counseling

Working for a web based company can also ensure  good  money as salaries and if you are an expert in some form of web management, there is no stopping you from making loads of money. If you are an experienced web designer with a company or adept at writing quality articles that sell well, you can embark on online careers that pay $100,000 a year.

Counseling is very much in demand these days and as a therapist or a counselor, you can make  good  money. Many therapists and child psychologists are making 100K each  year  working for some therapy or child psychology center. People who are also dealing with children or parents in an educational setting are successful in careers that pay $100,000 a  year .

Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds

What are some part time  jobs  for 16  year   olds ? There are many that are out there, but we want to find the one that will ultimately work for you or your 16  year   old ! There are true legit opportunities, but it’s also wise to try to get past all the scams that may be on the internet!

Okay, so you want to find part time  jobs  for 16  year   olds . They are everywhere, just make sure that you are starting today. We are going to list some  jobs  that are legitimate for a 16  year , and even teenagers and children who are slightly younger!

The great thing about all these  jobs  is that they are flexible and can be done at home, okay now let’s start.

Blogging – Blogging is one of those things that’s never going to go out of style on the internet. Blogs are always evolving and becoming  better ! 16  year   olds  have the young minds to blog and give their experience, I mean for goodness sakes there are 5  year   olds  that are starting to write on the internet with their fantastic imagination, of course this is edited by someone  older , but it still works out, anybody can have an online blog and succeed!

Paid Surveys – If you think blogging is too much for your teenager and their schedule a  good   job  is paid surveys because they are truly as easy as one, two, three. All they have to do is sign up with the paid survey company, and start taking surveys. Surveys should come through their e-mail, and they do not ask for any super personal information like social security number.

You should be alright and the 16  year   old  can start earning paid survey cash because it is a legitimate opportunity that many people have seen success with this  year  and for  years  to come!

Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently in 8 Weeks

Many people want to learn Spanish so they can get a better job, travel to new and exotic places and appreciate new cultures. The biggest hurdle with learning a new language is actually finding a suitable way to get the information and guidance you need while trying to absorb a whole new way of thinking and communicating. The good news is that it’s possible to learn to speak Spanish fluently in 8 weeks, and it won’t require expensive college courses or tutors.

How Can You Learn Spanish So Quickly?

The process is actually quite simple. There are now highly reputable and critically acclaimed Spanish courses online that can be purchased for a small fee, downloaded immediately and then used over a period of 8 weeks to learn the language. Many people who use these courses are able to become fluent in virtually no time at all due to the unique way these courses are designed and laid out. Whether you’re 15 years old or 80 years old anyone can use an online course to learn the language very rapidly.

Aren’t There Any Good Free Options Available?

Unfortunately there aren’t any quality or reputable free Spanish courses available online that will allow you to learn Spanish quickly or easily. The problem is that while there are a lot of sites offering information on learning the language there aren’t any sites that have all the proper information in the right place for easy “consumption” or learning of the material. Many people spend more time just trying to find the proper information (for example verb conjugation, vocabulary lists, etc.) then they do trying to learn the language. Going with an affordable Spanish course online is the best way to actually learn the language properly.

Are The Courses a Good Value?

When compared against college level courses or personal tutors these Spanish courses online are an extremely good value and only cost a very small fraction of the more expensive alternatives. Many courses include full audio courses, eBooks, videos and access to communities where people give each other help on learning the Spanish language. Learning to speak Spanish becomes a breeze when you’re given the proper materials to use and resources to consult. Since many of the language courses online are downloadable this means they’re even cheaper then purchasing a CD, video or book guide at a big box retail store.